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The promoters of the club were some of the leading members of the Board of Control for Cricket in Kothena Srilanka who were also the promoters of the Board One year earlier. Director Sivanantha Street Boyes in Kotahena, was the prime mover of the idea and became the first President of the Club. It was the dream of the founders that one day, in the near future, SHCC. would become the Bigest Cricket Clup of Srilanka. Street Hitters Cricket Club (SHCC) is a private members' club founded in 2008. It owns, and is based at, Sivananthas Cricket Ground in West Colombo.

SHCC was formerly the governing body of cricket in Srilanka and across the world. Most of its Tournament were passed on to the national Wide since 2002 and its formed a Cricket Board at the same time. The SHCC cricket team is a national cricket team representing Colombo. The team first played cricket in 2003, and were later awarded in 2007. The team went on to take 2007 Cricket Cup beating Praba Team in the finals, and becoming the Champions. Since then, the team continued as a major force in cricket, with ups and downs in certain periods. The SHCC team lost a final in 2006 by rain affected match to become the runners up. The batting of R.suren and N.nagol raj (retired), backed up by the bowling of S.kisokumar and S.Vivek among many other talented cricketers has led to the successes of SHCC cricket during the last 7 years. It is administrated by SHCC Cricket Commity  


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